What is the Best Way to Keep Your Kids Away from Adult Content

I have been thinking about what I am going to be looking to buy the kids for Christmas this year. They seem to really want to get one of the expensive tablet types. They have the cheaper kind now, and I am afraid that they can misuse them. Obviously if you have any sort of PC or Tablet or phone, then you can chat online and meet people. Not all of the people that they might meet on the web are the sort of people that a parent would want their children to interact with. You can not protect your kids from every little thing on the web, but there are a lot of things that you definitely want to keep them away from. There is obviously a lot of pornography on the Internet and some of it is not fit for any person of any age to view. Continue reading →

Top Selling Forever One Collection Wedding Rings

A wedding ring says a lot about the romance that it represents. If you are the kind of person who needs the absolute best, then you probably have already heard people talk about the Forever One Moissanite collection. If not, then you are certainly missing out on something extraordinary. Lighter than your typical diamond and burning with a fire that won’t ever fade, these unique gems are truly something to behold. Of course, if you are unsure of which to buy, you might want to consider the top selling models.

The Forever One Moissanite Advantage

Moissanite gems are made unique from other diamonds as they are not found naturally occurring on earth. In fact, they are manufactured in a lab by Charles &Colvard from silicon carbide. Considered to be born from the stars, this substance is virtually impossible to find naturally on earth, but it was first discovered years ago in a meteorite impact site. After many years, the gem was produced within a lab and today it is offered in a variety of different styles. The Forever One Moissanite collection is unique because it is the top level available. All stones offer near-flawless clarity and fall within the D-E-F color range, which means they are brilliantly white. Available in many different carat sizes and various cuts, you can find exactly what you need.

Getting a Vintage Style

Right now, vintage is in style. In your rings, this often means a more ornate and sometimes gaudy design, offering big stones and plenty of smaller ones around them to give a unique look. For the engagement rings, a radiant cut might be the way to go, as it offers a shape condusive to this style. Alternatively, square and cushion cut stones are also a good choice and provide a great many options. Naturally, you are free to select between a gold, white gold, or even platinum metal to get the look you are after.

Something a Bit More Modern

Alternatively, the more sleek modern fashion is also very popular right now. A simple round cut ring can accomplish this very nicely, and some of the more basic square cut stones do it as well. Some are even turning to heart cut Forever One Moissanite gems, as they provide a romantic style that screams modern fashion. In general, these are a bit more simplistic in nature, with many just opting for a solitaire ring.

Breaking the Mold

Instead of going with one of these more popular styles, perhaps you just want a Forever One Moissanite ring to help you stand out from the crowd. Rather than accepting what is selling the best, maybe you would prefer a ring that is less common instead. Fortunately, Charles &Colvard has designed such a wide variety of different gems and ring styles that you should have no trouble finding this kind of different ring. This way, you can maintain that unique look while still getting the radiant brilliance that you’ll only find from the stars.

Romantic Tips for First Night of Marriage

Romantic Tips for First Night of MarriageYou’ve spent months planning your wedding and have thought through every detail–or have you? Most couples forget to discuss and plan for their first night alone together as a married couple. If you want your wedding night to be an evening you will remember for all the right reasons, take some time to plan.

Keep your Expectations in Check

When you picture your wedding night, you may fantasize about the romance of your first “perfect” night together and overlook the realities. This situation can create anxiety and unrealistic expectations. Keep in mind that your wedding day is likely to be one of the longest and most exhausting days you will experience as a couple. When you are finally alone, you may be tired, tipsy or more excited about digging into the wedding gifts than each other, so don’t worry. Your wedding night, while special, does not make or break your marriage. As long as you honestly communicate your expectations, feelings and needs, your wedding night will be wonderful–whether you have a night of mind-blowing passion or simply fall asleep wrapped in each other arms.

Romance for Him

According to Barbara De Angelis, author of “Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know,” one of the most romantic things you can do for your spouse is to remember that his view of “romance” may be different from your own. Men are visual creatures; before your wedding, take him shopping and have him choose what he would like to see you in on your wedding night, even if it is something you normally wouldn’t wear. Remember, it is your gift to him.

During your reception, make it a point to make eye contact with him, touch him gently when you pass and let him know that you are looking forward to being alone with him. Noelle Nelson, psychologist and author, points out that men need to feel needed and wanted as much as women do and the little gestures go a long way in kindling romance.

Romance for Her

You may believe your new spouse wants grand gestures like the ones in the chick flicks you have dutifully watched with her, but in reality, most women appreciate the little things that say you know, understand and love her as an individual far more. Taking the time to write her a love letter telling her all the reasons you are thrilled she has become your wife and leaving it on her pillow to find on your wedding night not only will make her feel special, but it also will be a keepsake she’ll cherish.

Another way to make the evening special for her would be to have a CD of her favorite song, and once you are alone, tell her you would like one more dance. Remember, you don’t have to “think big”; you just have to show your new wife that you have taken the time to observe the things that make her happy.

Tips for Married Couples

Tips for Married CouplesWhen you’ve been married awhile, it may be hard to keep the romance alive in your relationship. Things tend to get in the way. But married couples should take the time to work at keeping the romance to prevent the romance from becoming stale, boring or predictable.

Have a date night. It can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, but plan on having a night out on the town that includes just the two of you. This will allow you to reconnect to each other without any outside interference.

Keep the physical contact going. Don’t limit kissing and hugging to just saying goodbye or hello. Surprise your spouse with an unexpected show of affection throughout the day.

Communication is a big key to keeping the romance alive. Text or call your spouse just to let them know you’re thinking of them when they’re not around. Or if you’re feeling a little frisky, let them know in your own way.

Surprise your spouse once in awhile. While you’re out running errands and you see something that you think your spouse would like, go ahead and pick it up for them. It will let them know that you were thinking of them.

Remember the old days. Look back on your relationship when you two first started dating. What was it about your spouse that gave you that warm fuzzy feeling? By remembering what it was that made you fall in love you can work at trying to recapture it.

Personal jokes and phrases can also keep the romance in your relationship. When you have something that has meaning to just the two of you, it will keep you and your spouse connected.

Live, love and laugh together. By doing these three things together, it will keep you connected and keep the romance in your relationship.

Top five tips for saving your marriage today

Do you feel as though your marriage is crumbling before your very eyes? If so, you may well be wondering how it ever got to this stage. The damage your relationship has suffered may seem irreparable, but I’m here to tell you that you aren’t powerless; there are actions you can take that have the power to greatly improve your relationship. Without further adieu, here are my top five tips for saving your marriage today:

1. Try and figure out ‘where it all went wrong’: I feel that it is important to establish why and how your relationship has gotten to the state that it is in. It may well be something as straightforward as your spouse never seeing enough of you. If this is so, then you don’t need me to tell you what to do (but I will just in case!) Work fewer hours. Even if it means that you’re put under strain financially, because you love your husband/wife and they are more than worth it. In any case, talk to your partner as there may well be something you can change or put into practice effective immediately to improve your marriage.

2. Re-open the communication channels: Although most relationships which are in turmoil suffer from a seemingly never-ending amount of arguing, sometimes instead it is that communication between you and your spouse is non-existent. If this is the case, I would encourage you to not take the route of blaming your partner, feeling resentful or trying to tackle ‘important issues’. Instead, simply get into the habit of making sociable conversation with them again. At first, you may still receive one, two word answers but continue with utter patience and life with your partner will become more civil and enjoyable.

3. Don’t argue, discuss: I am a firm believer that more often than not, couples argue not due to issues that they simply can’t resolve, but because they have allowed it to become a habit. A default way of communicating. It is of utter importance that both you and your spouse make a concerted effort to move away from arguments and instead learn to discuss.

Books have been written on how to achieve this but in brief, under no circumstance should you be rude, belittling, or hurtful towards your partner. Instead, listen to what they have to say (without interrupting them) and acknowledge how they feel. Before you move on, address that issue with them and agree on a way to deal with it.

4. Take some time out for self-reflection: A way marriages can be difficult is this feeling that to a degree, you have lost your sense of self. Think about it; when you are not at work, you are usually never not with your partner, nor do you make a decision without them. I would encourage you each to find time for yourselves every week. This may be spending a couple of hours at the gym, hanging out with some friends after work, playing some golf on the weekend and so on. Whatever it is that may interest you, fit some you time into your schedule a.s.a.p.

5. Be romantic with each other: This is an essential part of a healthy marriage. However, unless you are communicating (as discussed in tip #2) it will be difficult to achieve. If that isn’t a problem for you and your partner, then begin by letting them know how much you love them and how sexy you think they are. Not only will this make them feel loved, appreciated and sexy but they will be more likely to reciprocate in this fashion. I would also recommend having a ‘date night’ once a week.

This doesn’t have to be an evening at your favourite restaurant. It could be a simple as cuddling on the couch, watching a movie together and sharing the popcorn. The important thing is that you are making time for each other, no matter how busy your lives are.

If you begin to implement these techniques, then you will start to enjoy having a healthy and romantic marriage once again.

Five Things You Need to Know About Emotional Stability Before Getting Married

In the United States, nearly 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. With statistics like these, couples who marry and want to remain married should take precautionary methods to avoid unnecessary turmoil related to divorce. Experts suggest that the divorce rate is high because couples do not adequately prepare for marriage or they marry for reasons that are not sustainable long term. Couples who are getting married should consider the following tips before marriage.

Identify Your Goals for Marriage
Determine the goals for the marriage. Write down your expectations for marriage to determine if they are congruent with your partner. Be completely honest with your expectations. This will avoid disappointment when your spouse does not agree with one of your requests. If there is something that you desire in a relationship, you should express this prior to marrying to avoid all confusion. Do not wait and expect everything to work it out after you are married. Though you have a 50/50 chance for success, it is quite a gamble to expect your partner to comply with a request that is not in his or her personality before the marriage occurs.

Know Your Partner
Some people marry individuals knowing that they have major character flaws. These individuals expect the spouse to change after marriage. Although love can heal many wounds, it is important to know whether or not the person you are marrying is abusive, a philanderer, a spendthrift, a tightwad, a member of an extreme religion or possesses unusual child rearing principals. Though in some cases “opposites attract,” there must be a mutual understanding between the partners to determine if the other’s point of view can be respected.

Compromise and mutual respect are important in relationships with cultural or personality differences. These two attributes will help the couple navigate differences in a reasonable manner. Abuse, however, is an uncompromising attribute in a marriage.

Discuss the Major Events
Couples lives must be congruent in some respects. If you desire to live in small home in a remote area and your spouse desires to live in a mansion in a posh neighborhood, there will obviously be some conflict. If you desire three kids and your spouse desires none, this is also a source of conflict as well. If your spouse loves to spend every dime he or she has and you want to plan for retirement, then the two of you also will have a source of conflict. If your partner enjoys partying all night and this bothers you, you will be in conflict about this also.

Determine your lifestyle choices and make sure you agree with your partner on major issues before deciding to marry. Otherwise, you will set your marriage up for failure.

Consider Pre-Marital Counseling
Counseling is considered taboo among many cultures. Many think counseling is only for the clinically insane. On the contrary, counseling may help people avoid rash decisions or help couples make decisions based off educated studies. Counseling is a way to conduct a discussion with a trained, unbiased professional leading the way.

Trained counselors will help potential married couples identify their expectations in marriage and set goals about how to reach those expectations. Counselors may make recommendations about whether couples are compatible for one another and whether their disagreements are workable.

Do Not Expect Every Day to Be Perfect
A couple getting married should strive to make most days of their marriage strife-free. Couples are inundated daily with stress and grief from outside sources such as work, co-workers, finances, family and friends. Your spouse and marriage should be a safe haven. Though some couples swear by the “fight and make-up cycle” of marriage, this is not an ideal model for marriage. Strive to make the relationship strife-free while remaining skilled in negotiating and navigating a disagreement, if necessary.

Be prepared to handle all obstacles that may be hurled at you during your marriage, including infidelity. However, do not go into the marriage expecting to cheat or be cheated on. You will spend most of your time preparing for imminent demise, instead of enjoying the person as an equal spouse. Spouses that are constantly following their spouses to check for infidelity and other suspicions never truly enjoy the person’s company. These types of spouses are always suspicious and casting doubt on the marriage. Conversely, spouses should not be naive. Always prepare for infidelity or other major problems, such as major illness.

Important Tips Before or Toward Wedding Day

These important tips for your wedding the bride and groom to face of with your big day. We can not denied if the wedding will be very drown our energy, both physical and mind. Therefore you need some necessary preparations to deal with everything on your big day.

Here are some important tips before the wedding day:

What should be done?

* Do facial treatments at least 6 months before the wedding day. It is necessary to lift the skin, blackheads and dead skin and makes your skin so your face looks more fresh.

* scrub since 6 months before Wedding-day, and do it regularly at least once a month, so the results will be take the effect when you wear the wedding dress.

* Drink as much water as possible to create a bright face and moist. In addition, drinking water will make your skin look more fresh and youthful, reduced risk of headaches, and avoid dehydration.

* To reduce eye puffiness and dark circles under youreyes, apply a cold eye cream on a regulary.

* If you want to tidy yor eyebrows, do at least two days before \the wedding day to reduce the worst possibilities, such as redness, one pull, and others.

* Do a diet when you feel it necessary , but do it before you start ordering your wedding dress. When it reaches the desired weight, keep your weight so it desn’t go up or down until the wedding day.

Avoid a quarrel with a couple
Sensitive and moody, it is widely felt by the bride and groom before the wedding day. These negative feelings arise from the pressures of a big day ahead of you and your partner. And not least the bride and groom couples an easy fight when they get through the wedding preparations.

To avoid a fight that will be “spread” on the wedding day, it helps you better understand, give in, and build good communication with your partner.

Keeping Stamina Body
Stamina will be much depleted before the wedding day.* Sleeping too late the night before the wedding day, just because you love your family is gathered. As a result the next day your face is not fresh and there were dark circles under the eyes.

* Think of all the unfinished business day before the H. Leave it to all the trouble in the family business or wedding organizer. Trust that they will complete all preparations smoothly.

* Given the lack of reception to remember your marriage because of family or wedding organizer is not working properly. Which is over let it go. There would be no point if you keep bringing it up.

Preparation Tips for Women Before Marriage

In marriage, the man does the finding and the woman prepares herself to be found. Recently, women have usurped the place of men. They are now finding for themselves men that match their lustful and worldly taste. This is the reason why, there is so much battery, incompatibility and divorce in marriage.

In marriage, the person who searches is the man. He is the one whose rib is taken to form a woman. So, he searches for the missing rib, to complement his life. A woman searching is biblically wrong, whether you call it civilization, jet age or whatsoever, it is not right. It is turning the word of God upside down. The word says, “He who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord” Proverbs

The man is the only person that sets parameters of his would be wife. Why? Because only him knows where his loneliness lies, and seeks to fill it. When God brought Eve to the man. Adam exclaimed with happiness. “This is the bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh” Genesis.

When Isaac was ripe for marriage, Abraham sent out his servant in search for a wife for him. And one important thing the servant did was to set qualities of the woman, and tabled it to God, in prayer.

“Then he said, “O Lord God of my master Abraham, please give me success this day and show kindness to my master Abraham. Behold, here I stand by the well of water, and the daughters of the men of the city are coming out to draw water. Now let it be that the young woman to whom I say, ‘Please let down your pitcher that I may drink; and she says, ‘Drink and I will also give your Camels drink – let her be the one you have appointed for your servant Isaac. And this I will know you have shown kindness to my master. Genesis 24:12-14

His (The Servant) requirement for a wife, as a woman who is kind, hospitable, good mannered and one with a beautiful countenance. Rebekah met this requirement and was chosen. This same quality goes for Sarah” Genesis 12:11.

Naomi, being an old woman understood the need for preparation for a woman to be found by her husband. This secret, she revealed to Ruth in order for her to get the attention of Boaz.

“Therefore, wash yourself and anoint yourself, put on your best garment and go down to the threshing floor; but, do not make yourself known to the man until he has finished eating and drinking. Then it shall be, when he lies down, that you shall notice the place where he lies and you shall go in, uncover his feet and lie down, and he will tell you what you should do” Ruth 3:3-4

Naomi taught Ruth the need of cleanliness and humility (lying on his uncovered feet was a sign of submission) and a marriage proposal according to Jewish tradition.

Prior to Naomi’s advice, Boaz took notice of Ruth the first day she came for reaping. This may be due to the fact that she was attractive, and hardworking. As written in Ruth 2:7, the Officer in charge of the reaper commended her for being hard working. Another attribute of Ruth that may have caught the attention of Boaz, was her humility, respectfulness, good manner and sacrifice towards Naomi.
You can discover more secrets to preparation if you wish through my books.

Save Your Marriage – Information To Help You On The Way

The way society today accepts divorce as the norm tends to make it, unfortunately, an easy way out. Too many couples use divorce as the first option instead of putting a bit of work into their marriage and turning it into a loving and lasting relationship. If you feel there are problems in your marriage which are driving you onto the road to divorce, now is the time to start doing something about it. Divorce should only be seen as the last resort when all other methods have failed. Here are a few simple marriage saving tips which just might get you back on track with your relationship.

Marriages are all similar in that they need the same basic necessities to stay healthy. If some time can be devoted to each of these necessities then you will be giving your marriage the best possible chance of success. You will find you must work harder in some areas than others and that is quite normal — everyone and every relationship requires a different level of each necessity. Over time, you will discover which buttons require more pushing and which require less.

Make sure you are there for your partner. If you are always buried in your work or involved in social functions, your interaction with your partner will gradually weaken to the point where it could break altogether. The pressures inflicted upon us by society can leave little quality time for each other. Quality time does not mean a breakfast together while you read the newspaper or get the kids organised for school. It’s not a quick set of instructions on how to run the house while you hit the gym. Nor is it the quick peck on the cheek as you pass each other in the hallway on your way to work.

Quality time means being able to talk and listen without distractions. Giving your partner your full attention and being able to expect the same in return. Being able to open up about what has caused pain or joy in your day. Enjoying special moments together – watching the sun set, a kitten playing, a baby’s first steps. Having this time together shows a level of care and reaffirms the bond between you.

Being able to accept your partner for who they are and not trying to change their personality to meet some ideal. Acceptance means putting up with the odd rough edge and keeping in touch with the person you married — you marry a person for who they are, not who you think they should be.

Be forgiving. There is no point in holding grudges against your partner. Everyone is capable of making mistakes, even you! If a genuine apology has been offered, be gracious and accept it, forgive the mistake, accept it will not be repeated and get on with your life together. Bringing up past mistakes and rubbing your partners nose in it will only breed resentment and bitterness.

Show love for your partner. Be there to support them. Show respect for them and their thoughts and ideas. Inject random romantic acts into your daily life to keep the juices flowing in your marriage.

Above all, communicate! Be able to talk to each other calmly and respectfully, even if the situation has caused friction. Think about what has been said and think about what you are going to say — don’t just react. The first reaction to an issue can often be wrong so take a step back and give the issue some thought before diving in boots and all. You and your partner should never be afraid to discuss an issue which could be important to your marriage. Ignoring an issue will not make it go away and will only serve to make the issue larger than it has any right to be.

Practice some of these tips on a daily basis and they will become habit-forming. After a while you will find they happen naturally and your partner will, most likely, follow suit. Many small steps will surely have you back on the path to a successful marriage and a relationship of trust and love.

Godly Courtship Tips: Just Say “No” to Sex Before Marriage

This article is not written to rebuke or judge. We are here to help you follow the path that is right for you. When I was young I did not know there was even a path to follow and because of that I made some big mistakes. I don’t want you to make those same mistakes. The path we’re talking about is the Godly courtship path rather than the dating path. There is a HUGE difference between the two.

When you are dating it is more difficult to say “no” to sex because dating puts you in certain situations that you should not even be in to begin with. Dating also carries an attitude of expectation and desire, which leads to sex before marriage.

Let’s take a look at some of those situations that dating can put you in so you will have a better understanding of the difference between dating and Godly courtship.

Negative Dating Situations and Attitudes

1. Dating always puts you in a room alone with the opposite sex

2. Dating puts you in a car alone with opposite sex

3. Dating always puts you someplace alone with opposite sex

4. Dating attitude is only interested in appearance

5. With dating there is always an expectation to have sex

6. Dating carries with it feelings of lust and desire for the other person

7. Dating is built upon non commitment

What do These Situations and Attitude Lead to… ?

1. Flirting

2. Sex

3. Frivolities

4. Fake praise

5. Feelings of lust and desire

6. Pregnancy

7. Sexual Diseases

8. Low self-esteem

9. Lost virginity

10. Loss of emotional balance and stability

11. Loss of a relationship with Jesus Christ (Remember, Jesus is the Holy Spirit, meaning, He is with you in Spirit-His Spirit Lives within you… and He knows everything about you)

If you do not have a close relationship with the Lord now, ask Him to come into your life today and then follow His precepts and the path He is leading you to be on. God’s Love is His Discipline for us!

“For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men. It teaches us to say “No” to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age.” (Titus 2:11-12)

The Just Say “No” Path

Of course there are more situations that bring about premarital sex in a relationship but it is these major ones we mentioned above that we need to focus on. Grab a friend and encourage one another to follow in the path that God has outlined for you.

If we followed the precept of “never being alone with the opposite sex” until a commitment to marriage” is made, or better yet, marriage, then we would not have to say “no” to fornication in the first place.

Following this path, you’ll be saying “no” less often or not at all if you do not allow yourself to be alone with the opposite sex.

If the person you are with expects you to have sex with them then they are not really caring about your feelings. They only care about what they can get from you. This means, if you cave in to their demands to have sex, then you are giving them what they want and desire, while they disrespect your body, your mind, and your spiritual self. This will hurt your self esteem. This will hurt your relationship with God too.

This next path keeps you from being deceived. We’ve told you about those people with expectations, (those who want to be alone with you) and now you do not have to allow yourself to be deceived to have sex before marriage. It’s your body and you have the right to just say “no” to going somewhere alone and to flirtatious / sexual advances.

Sexual intimacy means nothing unless you are married, and you’ll come to know this if you contemplate all the negatives of having sex outside of marriage that are documented in the Godly courtship ministry website. Sex within the boundaries of marriage is the only way God intended sexual relations for.

The point is,you NEED to respect yourself and value your body, mind and spirit enough to just say “no” to those who pressure you to have sex. God created the beautiful person you are… on the inside and outside, and if you disrespect yourself, you are essentially disrespecting Gods creation.

Remember: you are NOT a bad person for having caved in to temptation in the past, but if you want to please God and value yourself, you truly need to put the past behind you and grow to be the woman or man that God intended you to be for Him, for yourself, and for others.

Some day you will have a spouse to love and care for, and PLEASING God now is truly the best marriage preparation on the face of the earth… it’s called purity and holiness in Praise of our Creator!

God knew you would be tempted but He lets us know that He has given us a way out of this temptation. It’s not “being” tempted that’s the problem; the problem is falling into it and doing things that goes against Gods plan for you.

1 Corinthians 10:13 declares: There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.

Wow! God has given you the ability to just say “no” and escape the temptation and also to be able to bear it! God is GREAT! All God wants from you is the FAITH to believe this. If you believe what God says for you then it will be so.This is what TRUST in Jesus Christ is all about.

How you handle saying “no” is up to you. Pray about it and the Lord will help you to explain to your friend, who may be pressuring you that you want to stay pure for yourself and for God! This is your mission as a single person.

If someone continues to pressure you to have sex with them then it may be time to evaluate that friendship. A true friend would never do anything that would harm you physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

God blesses those who trust in Him!